*Project Management

*Custom Programming

*Client Training

*Additional Services

As a custom company, ELS understands that there will be unique schedules and challenges that are associated with your project. These will be addressed on a project-by-project basis; however, all projects will follow the basic process outlined above.

Every project we commit to begins with a consultation with all involved to learn about your needs, desires, design preferences, time lines and budget. Whether it is a simple one-room setup or a complex whole house control system, we will design the system based on your specifications. The design will be presented (usually within 1-7 days) as a proposal. In the proposal you will find the necessary components that are needed to make your vision become a reality. After you have a chance to review the proposal your system designer will follow up with you to schedule a call or face to face visit to give you a complete rundown of the functionality of the system as it is designed.

Once the proposal is agreed upon, our in-house engineer will use Computer Aided Drawing (CAD) programs to map out plans that show the exact locations of all of the equipment and wiring. We then review the CAD designs with you and any architects, designers or builders involved with your project to ensure that our design can be executed without any issues.

When the engineering phase is complete and all locations are signed off on, our rough-in (or wiring) teams begin wiring your home. Because all locations have been agreed on and approved we are able to move through the rough-in phase quickly and efficiently so we make sure not to slow down the progress of your project.

In the trim phase our teams will verify that none of the wiring has been damaged and will begin terminating wires, installing speakers, keypads, wall plates and touch screens in preparation for the finish phase. If rack systems are being used, it is in trim phase that we will begin assembling, wiring and testing all rack components in our testing facility.

Upon entering the finish phase, our factory trained technicians will begin installing all of the equipment into your home after all other contractors are off the project. During this phase, all remaining components will be installed and connected. In the case of a whole-house system, they system will not be operational until the programming phase.

Our technicians are professional and respectful as they work to finalize your project. At ELS we take pride in every little aspect of what we do – making sure all wires are concealed neatly, walls and electronics are free of fingerprints, wall plates, keypads and touch screens are level, and every room is picture perfect. We encourage you to view some of installation photos to see examples of our craftsmanship.

On most projects the vast majority of the programming is completed off site in the trim phase and finish phase. However, in the programming phase our programmers walk through the project and test each and every button to make sure that our systems are fully functional and ready for your use. In larger projects it is not uncommon for programming to go on past the training phase. This is because we feel that it is important for our clients to live with the technology for a period of time so they can effectively determine what custom programming will make their interaction with the system the most convenient and enjoyable.

Upon completion of the installation and programming we will provide on-site product training to ensure that you and your family are comfortable with the system before our team leaves your home. And, because we are aware that questions inevitably come up, we then offer comprehensive ongoing support services to address any questions or changes that you may require.

The process described was created to ensure transparency and complete satisfaction. We are proud that over 90% of our business has been generated through referrals from satisfied customers. Contact us today to coordinate an in-home consultation to design your ideal system.